Wired: Live From The Stone Pony

by Art of Edgar

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released March 19, 2015

Dylan Lembo: Bass & Vocals
Brian DeSeno: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Taylor Morris: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Alex Dettlinger: Drums



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Art of Edgar Manasquan, New Jersey

4 kids from Manasquan High School, playing basements, living life.

Art of Edgar is

Dylan Lembo - Bass and Lead Vocals

Brian DeSeno -Guitar and Backing Vocals

Taylor Morris - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Alex Dettlinger - Drums

Reach us at ArtOfEdgarMusic@gmail.com
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Track Name: Pocket Change
Some say it’s chemically, just my anatomy
And just to make the matters worse
It’s so desirable but, they can’t see
Since I was gifted with this curse

Time after time, trade my nickels for dimes
In a world full of change I am doing just fine

Some say it’s modesty, some say a scheme
Just to make his stars shine bright
I’ll put the mirror down, just to redeem
It’s out of mind, It’s out of sight
Track Name: Psycho
All my numbers, letters, words
Mix and match and take their turns, in my mind
A philosophical divide
Who is god, what’s Earth, what’s time? Are we blind?

An enigma, in which my mind conceives, why can’t I let it go?

Add, subtract and multiply
Counting cards from low to high, analyse
Red Bull, Ramen, Gasoline
Hit the books and college scene, desensitize

If I wanted time to fly, would the hands begin to slow?

Who am I, and I to say
You should act a different way? Or don’t belong?
Who are we, are we to be
Ones who dictate melody of other songs?

There’s no reason holding on, if you can never let it go…
Track Name: Simple Minds
I’m so tired [of] irrational fears
I could sleep a million years without you
Test my luck, I’ll test my fate
I’ll burn my bridge at any rate without you

Over time these memories will learn to bind
Put me back to work, back on the grind
I just hope some day that you will learn to find
It’s not easy living with a simple mind

Simple Mind
Left Behind
Simple Mind

Flower child picking fights
Couldn’t go another night without me
Call me from another line
Gonna have to find your spine without me
Sanctuary in the woods
Gonna have to get your goods without me
Live life fast and die too young
I hope you’re having plenty fun without me
Track Name: Apple Seeds
If I had known what you would do
I’d take a different Avenue
But from a different point of view
There wasn’t nothing else to do

I’ll take my cyanide
I’ll eat my apple seeds
But what we can’t deny
We are a different breed

If I had known what you would say
I would have looked the other way
But since my conscience starts to fray
I’m seeing black and blue and gray
Track Name: Matador
Agitate, let it be, break a bone in spite of me
Ride the bull, get the horns, acting like a matador
Shake a hand, bat an eye, letter sent but no reply
Ride the wave down the hill, not for the laughs but for the thrill

Guess I should’ve known not to comply
Acting as irrational as pi
Screw the bases time to set the score
Don’t wanna be the matador

Way back when the Portuguese traveled through the 7 seas
Stumbled drunk upon the shore, they came for gold, came to conquer
No one dared step in their way, the natives never got a say
Once the Spaniards got the word, they unleashed their massacre
Track Name: Internet BC
My eternal peace of mind, I’ve found it hard, it’s hard to find
Mass production, that’s what killed, my generation’s social skills
And those chills, up my spine, feel so fine
Burn Ulysses while standing in line
Place your bet, we can’t forget, what came before the internet
Place your bet, we can’t forget, what came before the internet

I need a compass, I need a road map, I need a goddamn GPS
Lost in a fog, stuck in a web, where North is South and East is West

Vinyl on the shelf, miss the tradition
Trade honesty for wealth, for a commission
Plastic on the shelf, lacking nutrition
Trade honesty for wealth, for a commission

But Hey
That’s alright, we don’t need no fancy screens
We’ll take a breather, a little break from Mtv
And we’re free

My eternal stomping ground, I’ve found it hard, it’s what I’ve found
Mass exposure, that’s what saved,
my generation, thought depraved
And those chills, under my skin, I’m letting them in
They’re lighting my fires, they’re pushing my pins
Go ahead, let’s learn and see, what was Internet BC
Go ahead, let’s learn and see, what was Internet BC
Track Name: Wired
Break me down, bare bones
Color sounds and tones
Rust and rot corrode
In my mind implode

It’s out of touch
Don’t ask for much
And just like bleach
It’s out of reach
It’s basic, oh it’s basic

Linger on and kill
With rotten until
Tie the knot my friend
Sort of thoughts the end

I’m Wired